Lawless Laura Lee

Name: Alaina (or just Lain)
Occupation: music enthusiast, lover of sleep, part-time pothead, full-time student, mediocre bassist
Blog consists of: comic strips, random/epic videos, lulz, miscellaneous art, tattoos, video game stuff, (teddy) bears, shit I buy (SIB), gifts to me (GTM), sexy ladies (sometimes NSFW), adorbs, musica, some amimus, PKMN, Sailor Moon, AoT/SnK, K-ON!, One Piece, etc.

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Trying to get rid of this bubbler because of bad memories but yeah first give away of many because i have WAAYY too many pieces i don’t need.

Will ship anywhere

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Give away end 4/20/14

Good luck ^.^ since you’re all stoners i’m most likely following back

This ends tonight at midnight and I’ll announce and message the winner sometime tomorrow. Goodluck!!!

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